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about us

You are living in a big city, working in a big company and almost have no free time? Would be great to have some Pet, but you have no time, or possibility to take care about them? Meet Your Green Pet!

The Green Pet is not only a nice gift or the souvenir, (but it`s a great idea to give it for best friend, or colleague at work). Your Green Pet is a nice anti-stress box with a piece of wild Norwegian Nature. Plants that are inside each box - Norwegian moss Lichen.

It`s a principal food for Norwegian deer. It is absolutely ecological and healthy material, with curative  and antibacterial properties.

We are working with Norwegian Moss Lichen for last 3 years and have a lot of experience in work with it. We get our moss from the best moss-producer in Norway, it`s selected and stabilized in a natural way, without any unhealthy or chemical components. And it lasts for years! Your Green Pets has it natural & delicate forest smell of moss.

So what does it do?
The surface of moss is extremely delicate and pleasant to touch. So delicate touching of the surface with your fingers will activate your tactile receptors and make you more relaxed and happier! Take care about your Green Pet, and it will take care about you!

Your Green Pets are living in the crafted boxes, made from recycled paper, to help to protect the forests of our Planet.

There are 5 different animals: dog, cat, hedgehog, bird and crocodile. Choose one, most nice for you, and give him a name. So, it become your pet.

about us 2

Your Green Pet is not only a nice anti-stress box or gift, it`s your Pet, and it can be with you, wherever you want.

It does not only give the possibility to touch and feel a piece of wild Scandinavian nature in your office or at home.

It also gives the possibility to find new friends in our social groups on social networks, interested as you are, in eco-design and Nature, and meet new friends in your city, who also has Green Pets, or want to have.

Your Green Pet loves company, it likes to make a  appear on selfies with you and your friends, and share them in Instagram.

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Author, Project creator, CEO, Designer, Dreamer.
Roman Horehlyad

Roman Horehlyad

Author, Project creator, CEO, Designer, Dreamer

Florist, Green-designer, Expert
Igor Avramenko

Igor Avramenko

Florist, Green-designer, Expert

Vika Yanushevych

Vika Yanushevych

Photographer, Video-director, Artist


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